Reliable Cross Border Payments and FX Management Platform
Help you tap into Latin America market, connecting to the world
B2C&B2B Remittance
Our payment network which covers Latin America, facilitates B2B and B2C money transfers by cooperating with banks and local payment service providers.
Virtual Bank Account
We accept USD, GBP, EUR and local currencies deposit and save it in your virtual bank account.
Transparent Exchange Rate
Powerful FX engine allows you to use the mid-market rate to trade, enabling you to make a single transaction at the wholesale price.
Integration and accessibility at any scale
Access to an intuitive web platform and powerful, tech first APIs lets you create the ideal solution to meet your business needs.
Management back-office
Back-office provides immediate control of your account anywhere in the world giving you everything you need to accelerate your business.
Developer API
Our intelligent API takes your business further with smart automation, seamlessly integrated into your existing financial systems.
Your data is closely managed during all stages of collection, transmission, and storage.
With a highly automated system, we can provide you with the fastest payout experience in Latin America.
Our systems and procedures are based on the highest international standards.
Accelerate your business with intelligent technology
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